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28 Aug 2004
Presented by Judith A. McClung

How to Enlist Volunteer Assistance

Decide exactly what you want. You can advertise for help for specific documents or their search. Don't ask for too much at once. If you want a will from a certain county, go to that county board and ask for help. Give what you know about it.

Madison County, Alabama shows results from postings.

You can read back through previous postings to find where people volunteer to help you and will look up references in their personal libraries.

Here is one:Cemetery Lookups

Census Lookup: Morgan County Boardfor help with a census.

If you want to locate a descendant on a certain line, you can go to the Surname Board and advertise for that name. If people can help you, they will.

McClung Board. Notice that some requests make sense and some do not.

When you place your query on a name, be sure to give the information you already have and state what it is you want. Be sure to tell WHERE the family lived, approximately the TIME frame and the family connections that you know. If you have a spouse and marriage record, include that with the PLACE where that took place.

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