Class Outline
Beginning Genealogy

ICON Class with Judith McClung

1. The 5 Steps to Beginning:

      (1) Write down what you already know
      (2) Draw information from records in your home
      (3) Ask relatives to help fill in
      (4) Create a Note-Taking and Filing system
      (5) Decide which gaps you want to fill first

Break it down in 5 or 10 Year Periods
Or by main event periods

Prove that you exist:
      Birth: Certificate, Hospital Record, Baby Book, Bible Record
      Marriage: License, Photograph Album
      Membership in Organizations: professional, fraternal, military
      Diary/ Journal/ old letters
      Scrapbook/ events file

SUGGESTIONS from Everton Publishers.

2. Vital Statistics: Marriages, Births, Deaths

      Births and Deaths
           US=by states since about 1900; previously by county, scantily
           Marriages primarily county by county
      Where to Write for Vital Statistics
           Link: Where to Write

3. Starting an Area of Search

      The WHERE & WHEN
      Finding Lists
           To order books: Sources
      Research Outlines

Help with U.S. Places. Looking for the county? Supply the town and state and this site will supply the county.

4. Libraries/FHC/Documenting Your Records

      Salt Lake City - FHCs - Catalog
           Locality - Surname - Subject
      Local Repositories: OGS, TLC, Archives, SMSU
      Historical/Genealogical Societies
      State Archives
      National Archives

Internet Sites:

      Some sites to help you Get Started on the net.

      STATE ARCHIVES: Georgia has links to all the other State Archives.

      LIBRARY OF CONGRESS: Links to all State Libraries.

5. Documenting your work
      Author, Title, Date, Publishing Co, Place, Vol, PP.

5. Census Records/Mortality Schedules, etc.
      Purposes of censuses
      Tax Lists

Heritage Quest through the Springfield-Greene County Library
      Go to Research Guides and Online Resources. Use your library card number
Local Holdings/Sources
Foreign Censuses

6. Court Records: Probate
      Probate Index
      Wills, Intestate Records, Letters of Administration,
      Inventories & Sales
      Original Files

7. Court Records: Land/Deeds etc
      Variations in States: Marriage Records
      County Clerk - County Map
      Recorder of Deeds
      Probate Court
      Circuit Court
      Chancery Court

Deeds: Grantor/Grantee Indexes - Direct/Indirect Indexes
      Value of Deeds:
      Plot on County map to locate nearest church/cemetery/civil twp
      Info: See Collier
      Land Patent Search

     Research Tips - Land Records (by Judith McClung)

8. Cemeteries, Obituaries, Sexton Records

      Printed censuses - transcribed secondary source
      How to read tombstones

9. Evaluating Records: Primary/secondary sources
      Reconciling discrepancies

10. Military Records
      French/Indian War
      20th Century wars
      State Records-Adjutant Generalís office
      National Records

Historical and Genealogical Societies

      Links to Historical and Genealogical Societies
      National Genealogical Society for the Ozark Genealogical Society. See RootsWeb.
      Railroad Genealogical Society

12. Fraternal Organizations:
      B.P.O. Elks Online: Elks

      IOOF Lodge Phone Directory

      Masonic Library and Museum Association: Masons
Fraternalism in America: directory

Search for anything at

New Genealogy Search Engine

12. Organizing your Records
      Review of systems
      Computer data files
      Hard copy notebooks
      Source books

PAF: Personal Ancestral File
      To Order PaFinder @ $15 per year.

13. Publishing your Work

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