ICON is an acronym for our real name, Interactive Computer Owners Network. Founded in 1990 with 25 charter memberships, ICON is a 501-(c) (3) non-profit corporation dedicated to the sharing of skills and information pertaining to the use of the personal computer, including compatible operating systems and software.

ICON's active membership roll includes almost 300 people, most of whom live within a one-hour drive from Springfield, Missouri; however, there are a growing number of members who reside in other states who stay in touch with the group via our monthly newsletter, e-mail, and ICON's web site.

In addition to regular monthly business meetings where there is always an informative program and help to answer individual questions, we have 5 active Special Interest Groups. Monthly classes and mini-seminars are geared to address our members' needs.

Annual social events include ICON's Anniversary Celebration, a picnic, and a Christmas dinner and party. ICON is involved in community service and outreach projects throughout the Springfield area.


Gifts for everyone at ICON's Christmas party.

Grill chefs Frank Davidson and Dan Wright: the most popular people at ICON's 2004 Picnic.